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About our Chief Functionary:

P. Srinivasa Rao
(Founder & President)


P. Srinivasa Rao, President of Lakshmi Sri Venkateswara Swamy Gnanpeetam at Tirupati. Our organization was established on 6th January 2011 with the blessings of Lord Sri Venkateswara on memory of Smt. Pudi. Yerrayamma, m/o P. Srinivasa Rao for the purpose of extending our help to the society in various aspects which have a wide impact on the development of the people in our region. We are mainly committed to operate on few areas which we feel are lacking and are needed to be developed and implemented for the well being of the people in our region. We are focusing mainly on few objectives such as Social Welfare, Humanitarian Aid, Religious freedom, Propaganda heritage and culture of India, spiritual deepening, yoga, Cow Protection, Rural Development and Village Adoption, free medical camps and vocational training.

To achieve these objectives we are performing regular programs like as planting of seedling and distribution of plants through plantation program regularly, free book distribution for the poor children, performing various Pooja activities and promotion of Lord Venkateswara Consciousness, organizing of regular yoga workshops, maintaining goshala’s for the protection of cow’s, organized various workshops and vocational training for the rural people for their financial development on safe and effective agriculture , dairy farming, handloom and weavers training and also promotion of the crafts, free food distribution for the poor, doing regular free medical camps and free medicines distribution in the rural areas.

Trust Functioning.

Our Trust is a registered trust which is registered under the Indian trust act of 1982 read in conjunction with sec. 13(1) (d) read with sec. 11(5) Income tax act 1961. Our Trust Registration No is 03BK4/2011. We are also certified with 80, 12a (a) and also FCRA: to accept foreign donations.

The trust shall be Governed and Managed by a Board of trustees and the Executive committee constituted with trustees or other persons consisting of 1) One President, 2) One Vice President, 3) One General secretary, 4) One Joint Secretary, 5) One Treasurer, 6) Four Executive Body Members to execute the decisions and policies made by the board of trustees of the trust.

Board of Trustees/Directors:

Pudi Srinivasa Rao

P. Manga Mani

P. Vijaya Lakshmi

The strong General body of an executive committee board of members consists of the following:

President                          : Pudi Srinivasa Rao

Vice-President                  : Yannamani Kasi Visweswara Rao

General Secretary            : Gogada Siva Kumar

Joint Secretary                 : Sripathi Madhu Sudhana Rao

Treasurer                           : Pudi Vijaya Lakshmi

Executive Member          : Adapa Adinarayana Murthy

Executive Member          : Gannamani Srinivasa Rao

Executive Member          : Pudi Manga Mani

Executive Member          : Bhaskarna Lakshmi

The trust Hear by declared that the trust shall be a public trust and shall always be a public trust. It shall be the endeavour of the trust that the benefits and objectives of the trust shall be for the benefit of the public at large irrespective of sex, caste, creed and religion. The general management and control of the trust for the management of the trust affairs and properties shall be vested in the trustees. For the furtherance of the objects of the trust, the trustees may decide from time to time. The decision taken by the majority of the trustees shall be valid and effectual and shall be carried out.

We are operating with utmost sincerity and dedication in order to fulfil our stipulated objectives of our trust to the maximum extent, so that we can be able to achieve our vision of a better society, which intern will be helpful for the overall development of the country. Though we are working with limited resources we are able to do maximum justification to various tacks which we have undertaken so far. So we are filled with utmost joy and self satisfaction in all the tasks which we have fulfilled till now.

Now we would like to request you to show us some token of appreciation by recognizing our efforts in whatever means you can. We would also like to request you to extend a small helping hand to any noble cause to the maximum extent feeling it as your social responsibility, to show you commitment and love to the society and people you live with and feel it as an opportunity to serve your mother land.


To propaganda devotional scriptures, Indian cultural and traditional heritage and develop spiritual enlighten in the people towards once religion. To provide the basic amenities to the poor and the downtrodden sectors of the society by educating them with the modern advancements and sophisticated technology available, this will be useful for their overall development in various aspects, To make them self sustained and compatible to live in this modern competitive world.


Our mission is to educate people on various social responsive activities which is lacking in this modern society and also to develop the living standards of the set of individuals on whom we are working. We are intended to extend our full-fledged support and to play a key role in the overall development of the mother land INDIA. We are committed and focusing only on addressing various social causes at various levels which play a supporting role in the development of the country.

AIMS & Objectives.

1. To provide basic amenities to few villages through village adoption program.

2. To Construct libraries and provide access for the poor through right for education program.

3. To conduct skill development and vocational training programs as a self sustainability program to provide an Aid for    rural people.

4. Free consultation and medical distribution in remote villages through free medical campaigning.

5. To Train, Develop and Promotion of various crafts and empower the craftsman through Skill development.

6. Promotion of religious faith in the Modern Busy and Stressed people in the society as a remedy for psychological distress and to have internal peace and concentration through Religious consciousness.

7. Promoting the health consciousness and healthy living by teaching Yoga as a key for health living.

8. Providing shelter and safeguarding the healthy living of abounded cows through Cow protection (goshala).

9. Women empowerment.

10. Old age and orphanage shelter and rehabilitation centers.

Board of

Managing Trustees:

1) Pudi Srinivasa Rao

– Founder & Managing Trustee of L.S.V.S Gnanapeetam


2) Pudi Manga Mani

- Managing Trustee of L.S.V.S Gnanapeetam


3) Pudi Vijaya Lakshmi

- Managing Trustee & Treasurer of L.S.V.S Gnanapeetam

Vijaya Lakshmi Pudi.jpg

Management & Particulars:

1) Vishweswara rao

     – Vice-President of L.S.V.S Gnanapeetam

2) Gogada Siva Kumar

       – General Secretary of L.S.V.S Gnanapeetam

3) Madhu sudhana Rao

       – Joint Secretary Of L.S.V.S Gnanapeetam

Gogada Sivakumar-min.png
Sropathi Madhusudana Rao-min.png

4) Adapa Adinarayana Murthy

      – Executive Member

Adapa Adinarayana Murthy-min.png

5) Bhaskarna Lakshmi

      – Executive Member

Bhaskarna Lakshmi-min.png


Donations made to Lakshmi Sri Venkateswara Swamy Gnanapeetam w.e.f. 29.11.2012 will qualify for exemption u/s.80G of the income Tax Act,1961. If interested, you can also become a volunteer and participate in the trust activities.

1. 12 A & 80 G OF THE TRUST

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If you want to volunteer, or give feedback, or have anything else to share, please get in touch on

If you like to contribute to the foundation, please click on the DONATE NOW button above.

Note: Lakshmi Sri Venkateswara Swamy Gnanapeetam (L.S.V.S Gnanapeetam) conducts these activities for Public Health Awareness & Social Benefits. The receipts issued by the society to the donors should bear the number and date of this order.

Lakshmi Sri Venkateswara Swamy Gnanapeetam registered under 03 BK IV/2011. It also received registration order under section U/S 12A & Exemption U/S 80G of the INCOME TAX ACT.

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