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The Following activities will be conducted within the premises of the site:

> Establish medical clinics-allopathy and Ayurveda.

> Establishment of a hospital.

> Introduction of safe and efficient agriculture and dairy.

> Cow protection programme - practise of ahimsa.

> Waste land will be claimed from the government to rehabilitate farmers who lost their lands to the usurious money lenders.

> Establishment of handlooms to rehabilitate the weavers who lost their craft because of usurious money lenders.

> Promotions of craftsmen and their crafts.

> Establishment of cottage industries to reduce unemployment.

> Establishment of Diet Centre program for food or Diet trainings.

> Food distribution to the needy through food for life program.

The Following institutions will be built within the site:

> Old Age homes for those who can afford to pay and to those who cannot pay.

> Diet Training Centre.

> Establishment of a home for the children and destitute women.

> Rehabilitation of poor woman to be independent economically.

> Rehabilitation of street children.

> Establishment of Guest quarters for the guests and travellers

Present Activities of the Organisation:

Social /Seva Activities:

> Maintaining Goshala’s for the Cow protection - practise of ahimsa

> Free books distribution to poor children

> Free food distribution to the poor

> Conducting regular medical camps and free medicines distribution in rural/Slum areas

> Day care service to Old Age people.

> Diet Trainings on traditional cooking methods.

> YOGA Sessions & Spirituality

> Hand/Financial support to orphan died people for body burying (Autopsy combustion) 

> Conducting Environmental Programmes – Plantation

Educational Activities:

> Organizing of Regular Yoga workshops & Conducting training Programmes on Yoga for perfect healthy life.

> Vocational training for the rural people for the financial development on safe and effective agriculture, dairy farming, handloom and weavers training and also promotion of the crafts.

Spiritual Activities:

>  Promotion of lord Venkateswara name & Dissemination of Govinda namas

> Conducting Puja’s in tribal areas & food donation(Annadhanam).

> Conducting special yagnas, Bhajans as per devotee’s needs

> Service to Tirupati pilgrims

> Jathakams (Astrology)

Past Activities:

2011 to 2019:

1. Voluntary Participation in CSR Activities

2. Navagraha santhi homam on Every Saturday

3. Satyanarayana swamy Vratha pooja & Annadhanam

4. Yoga Sessions

5. Plantation of seedlings

6. Health Awareness camps

7. Books distribution to the students

8. Handloom activities

9. Cow Protection Programme

10. Spiritual activities, Sat Sang, Bhajans & Bhagavad-gita

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